Sunday, 2 April 2017

PokeSniper APK Free Latest Download For Android

Pokemon GO got fame real quick when it was launched, it is an augmented reality based game in which you have to catch Pokemon in real world places. You can also join teams and fight battles with gym trainers. Pokemon GO also have some tools through which you can catch rare Pokemon's very easily, one of them is pokesniper apk. It is an open source app anyone can use it and make changes to it. The app is safe to install on android devices. The main objective of this app is to provide coordinates where rare Pokemon's are located. You will need to set last used coordinates in the Pokemon GO app, it will prevent you to get banned. Many users have tested it and reported that it was safe to use the app without any fear of getting banned.

How to use the app:

  1. Select what rare Pokemon you want to catch in the app
  2. Enter the coordinates of that Pokemon
  3. Tap the snipe button and catch the Pokemon you always have been waiting for

Pokemon GO is very popular that’s why it got many hacking tools but none of them were working properly and users were getting banned. Pokesniper apk is one of the hacking tool which is standing around. You can download the app from play store or some other third party stores if none of them are working just google Pokensiper APK and download the file. Move this file to your phone storage and tap on it which will start the installation. Make sure you have checked unknown sources in Settings>Security of your phone.

Features of Pokesniper APK:

  • Easy to install and use the app
  • Most stable Pokemon GO hacking app yet
  • Finding coordinates of rare Pokemon is just one tap process
  • No fear of getting banned
  • The app does not require to root your android device

Please note that many users are already using the app without any issues but be aware you can get a ban in future after Pokemon GO new update. And make sure you have uninstalled the previous version of Pokesniper apk before installing the latest version.
Download (Here)

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